Terms and conditions

Our terms are pretty standard and mostly from Govt guidelines.

All calls to office may be recorded and saved on our BT cloud server, this includes any that are forwarded to staff through us.

You will be invoiced as soon as practically possible, standard terms are 30 days unless by prior written arrangement.

Late payment unless by prior written arrangement is not acceptable and charges will be applied from day one. These are inline with

We reserve the right to charge a lesser or the full amount.

Payments are considered paid once funds are in our account and cleared plus 3 working days.

Our rates and fees etc are considered private. As our our email addresses and phone numbers.

Invoice inquiries are preferred 5 working days prior to payment due at the latest, if not raised by this time payment will be expected in full. Enquiries to

All our vehicles are fully equipped and in line with best practice for their roles.

Vehicles are equipped with cameras which also have audio and crash recording. We reserve the right to use the footage for our or your own protection, defense and or promotion. A copy of which can be available subject to a written request and a small fee.

If an inquiry is upheld we will issue either a credit note or refund to your account as soon as practically possible.

If there’s anything you don’t like or something you want changed just ask. We’re very accommodating.

We are a big fan of quickbooks and use it a lot, it’s handy, easy and our preferred method of invoicing. Any issues, please advise us.

Given the nature of transport and traffic, things rarely run to time. We have an “unreasonable waiting time” fee on our charges sheet. This isn’t to be used often, but that said, the directors reserve the right to implement it if the work is unreasonably delayed through no fault of our own,

Speed limits will be obeyed especially cat 1/2/3.

If you want something outside of our normal remit and you think we can help, do ask, we can only say yes or no politely.

Remember, every day is a learning day for everyone. So lets keep the rubber side down, the police happy, and the accountants ecstatic.